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  • Boost Brush Features
  • How to use
  • Using your brush
  • Boost Brush Features
  • Boost your scalp and hair goals with our Shampoo Brush.

    While we often concentrate on the shine and condition of our hair strands, scalp health is really where healthy hair starts. If your scalp isn't healthy, your hair strands can be compromised of condition as they emerge from the scalp. 

    Discover the advantages of introducing a scalp brush into your hair care regimen.

    A shampoo brush helps to 

    • Remove product build up with ease, effectively and efficiently.
    • Removes dirt and dead skin cells without the risk of tangling or breaking strands
    • Stimulates the scalp which boosts circulation of oxygen, blood and nutrients which encourage healthy hair growth.
    • Aids in relaxation for a stressed out scalp
    • Helps to remove dandruff, cradle cap and built up patches of psoriasis (not recommend on open wounds)
    • Helps with even distribution of product
    • Makes shampooing easier with those who suffer from arthritics 
    • Boosts volume in roots from proving a deeper clean.
    • Use to boost co wash results.

  • How to use
  • How to incorporate our Boost Brush in to your routine.

    Use to encourage the results of our Hydrated Hair Oil as a scalp Pre-Treatment.

    1. Apply Hydrated Hair Oil to your scalp and gently massage with scalp brush in small circular movements this will help oil to work more effectively on a compromised, stressed out, dehydrated or dry scalp. It will help lift dandruff, product build up or dirt from the follicles before shampooing or to stimulate growth for those who dream of mermaid lengths.

    Step up your shampoo routine for new found scalp health, boosting your hair goals.

    1. On wet hair apply your chosen Halo Shampoo to the scalp only.
    2. Take your Shampoo brush and very gently massage in circular movements for a few minutes.
    3. Rinse and repeat.
    4. Rinse hair thoroughly to insure all residue of shampoo is removed. For those of you that find shampoo lingers use your shampoo brush to help gently remove all remnants  of product from the hair.

    Take your Co-wash to new hair curl heights.

    1. On co-wash days once you've applied conditioner on wet hair massage scalp thoroughly with brush to help remove product build up and rid dead skin from your scalp leaving your follicles free of build up to insure your curls can emerge healthy from the scalp.
    2. While rinsing continue to gently massage scalp to help rinse excess build up from the scalp.


  • Using your brush
  • Professional advice on using your brush.


    1. Gentle is the key when using our shampoo brush. Light brushing and little pressure is all you need to see and feel the results.
    2. You can use your shampoo brush between as much as you like, it really depends on your scalp health, how much product you use and how often you wash. If you use a lot of dry shampoo, styling sprays or heavy products you will need to use your bush more often to help clear blocked follicles and rid hair of stubborn build-up.
    3. If you suffer from psoriasis or extreme hair loss please make sure you contact me first or your Trichologist to see if this brush is suited for you.


    This scalp brush is made out of 100% silicone with no holes or plastic for water to get trapped in to meaning its a much more hygienic way to wash your hair compared to other brushes on the market. It is recommended you keep your brush in a dry place and not store in the shower to preserve the quality of the brush.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Scalp brush

    I’m building up my Halo products & love using this to massage my scalp. Looking forward to getting my pre treatment & using with that.

    Scalp Brush

    This brush is a game changer for my scalp. It’s perfect for the pre treatment step and also handy when I shampoo my hair. It’s so relaxing.

    Scalp brush

    I love this product.
    Great for massaging the scalp, soft but firm all at the same time. It is helping my hair get stronger too

    Shell H
    Super relaxing 😌

    Loving the scalp boost brush! I use it with the oil and gently massage, sooo good!

    Rachel Fitches
    Great scalp brush

    I use the boost brush after popping in my pre-treat oil to get it all mixed in and along with my conditioner. It’s great at lifting everything off my scalp and feels great while doing so!