Halo's Journey

With a career in the hair industry bridged over three decades I've always had a passion for cosmetology, an understanding of the science behind Hair Care and how it works on the hair and scalp.

The adverse effects of colour, heat, diet, environmental damage, stress, medications, hereditary factors, illness, hormones, toxins, seasonal changes and ageing can have on your hair and scalp can make it hard for an individual to know where to start. This was the part of my career that I loved; to help people achieve healthy hair.

Halo started from a personal experience of hormonal hair loss and being exposed to hard water, chlorine and environmental damage. My hair started falling out and severe breakage happened. No matter what I tried nothing seemed to help. My hair became thinner and shorter. I saw first-hand that I wasn't the only one that was suffering from hormone and environmental exposure damage and I knew I could help with my experience in the industry, these were the founding reasons I designed Halo around.

The more I researched the more I wanted to help people achieve their best hair possible.... so, working alongside a R&D Manufacturer here in NZ they helped make my dream a reality and Halo Haircare was created.

The Name Halo came from wanting to create a range that makes your hair glow/ shine- quite literally the crown you never take off. Along with a low pH  ha(LO) was founded.

My dream was to create a formulation that used a plethora of natural ingredients, backed by science that had a pH perfectly cohesive with your hair and scalp, to create a healthy environment for your hair to grow.

If the pH of your scalp is unbalanced it can disrupt the healthy skin barrier that protects your scalp from damage, that’s when you can notice an oily or itchy scalp and dandruff, which can lead to suffocation of the hair follicle due to a build-up on the scalp.

So along with a pH cohesive with your scalp all our shampoos are Plant based, botanical ingredients which contain the fundamental building blocks of our range to insure optimum scalp and hair health, melded with scientifically proven methods for a result driven range.

All our conditioners and styling ranges are low pH creating symmetry within your hair and haircare.

A low pH helps lock in the plethora of natural ingredients in our range which are driven in to the cortex by being absorbed by the protein/ keratin in the hair, It's imperative for your hair health to contract the cuticle as much as possible to insure your hair shines, blondes that don't go brassy, curls that are defined and frizz free and for a mane of hair that's free of dry and brittle ends.

That is why I created a plant-based range that works in symmetry with your own hair.

The forefront of Halo is choosing ingredients that are never tested on animals, safe for you and the environment. Which means every ingredient has earnt it place in our hair care range and never compromising on quality. Our promise is that you can have a clear conscious in using our brand.

We love that our consumers are more conscious of their decisions to support local, we honour this by supporting NZ too. All our packaging is made here in NZ, formulas are manufactured by a eco certified company in the south island, labels designed in my home town Nelson and printed in Christchurch. So every purchase with HALO means you are supporting them too.

So please join me in this exciting Journey and together let us find 'your' healthiest hair possible.

Nicola x


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