Halo Hero ~ Saccharide Isomerate

Our Halo Hero is an award winning 100% natural ingredient Called Saccharide Isomerate its fast become a game changer in the cosmetic world hence its AWARD-WINNING title.


Our hair is weathered by so many environmental stresses, chemicals and excessive use of heated styling on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Not to mention lack of sleep, hormones, inadequate nutrition, medical conditions and our lifestyles which takes it’s a levy on your hair resulting in dry, brittle lack lustre hair. So, we wanted to make it possible to have a plant based natural brand that delivered high performing results which is why we have incorporated this award-winning ingredient to our haircare range.

This breakthrough ingredient Saccharide Isomerate is made from plant derivates such as glucose and fructose its 100% natural Moisturising ability is known to mimic natural carbohydrate faction found on the epidermal of the skin the reason it works so well in haircare is that it binds to the amino acid group of keratin because of this binding power it doesn’t wash away unlike other moisturising ingredients. We have added this sugar-based humectant to our complete range for its long-lasting results on the hair and scalp.


Saccharide isomerate claimed it’s title as an outstanding humectant due to its incredibly versatile and unique properties it brings to all scalp and hair types. Here are some reasons it now features as our Halo Hero and helps with the following

  • Dry, itchy scalp
  • Dandruff
  • Hair fall
  • Hair thinning
  • Split ends
  • Frizz
  • Shine
  • Boosts the scalp moisture levels
  • Long lasting for 72 hours
  • Hydrating and Moisturising
  • Binds to Keratin adding strength to brittle, thin, weak hair.
  • Very small molecular weight allowing deep penetration into the scalp
  • Repairing damaged skin cells boosting regeneration of new tissue
  • Provides a protective barrier on the skin and hair surface.
  • Void of any harsh chemicals



 Moisture Levels

 The moisturising ability is present due to its emollient properties as it mimics the carbohydrate complex present on the outer layer of the skin which keeps the scalp and hair well hydrated.

 Long lasting benefits

Unlike other humectants Saccharide Isomerate remains on the surface of your scalp and hair keeping it hydrated for a longer period of time. It gives 72-hour protection against dryness, thereby keeping it moisturized and nourished for a lot longer.

 Strength to your strands

It’s unique binding ability to the keratin in our hair means it adds strength to thin, brittle weak hair.


Regenerating properties

Also known for its healing ability which repairs damaged skin cells therefore boosting the regeneration of new, healthy tissues ensuring you have a well-nourished scalp and we all know that a healthy scalp is the foundation of healthy hair.

 Protective barrier

A natural barrier is super important as our hair and scalp are exposed to environmental damage, chemicals, sun, dirt and pollution not only does this protect your strands from further wear and tear it also Improves the texture and appearance of your strands.


 Instant relief from a dry itchy scalp

The molecule weight is only the fraction of size when compared to other moisturising ingredients, making it easily penetrate deeper into the layers of the scalp. Providing instant, long lasting relief from any irritation.

Soft and smooth hair

The ultra-moisturising property helps to make your dry, dull and brittle hair more soft and smooth.  Frizz becomes more manageable and it forms a thin film over the surface of your strands making it smooth, shiny and bouncy.

Void of any harsh chemicals 

 100% natural plant derivative which is extracted from D-glucose carbohydrate skin mimicking ingredient and is void of any harmful chemicals. Saccharide isomerate is a bio-derived hair care ingredient, it is known to be gentle and mild on your scalp which has a soothing effect on a dry, flaky and itchy scalp.


Our Halo Hero is known for its hydrating, nourishing and healing properties, it is effective in many hair and scalp types and is known to moisturize your scalp and strands better than any other humectants.


An overview on Saccharide Isomerate

It is formed by the isomerisation of D-glucose. It is known to mimic the carbohydrate faction which is found on the outer layer of the skin, this helps to keep your skin moisturised. It easily melts when rubbed between the hands and when applied to your strands penetrates deep into the tiny scales of the cuticles and settles on the surface of your strands, forming a protective layer over the strands. The molecules weight is only the fraction in size of other humectants; hence it easily penetrates deeper into the layers of the scalp, providing long-lasting protection almost 72 hours against dryness. Also known to bind with the amino group of the keratin of your scalp and strand, thereby does not get washed away. It binds with the skin and can be removed only through the process of dead skin cells and tissues.



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