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HALO is a prescriptive haircare brand based around a layering method, if you are unsure of what to use or would like to know to a little more about the application methods of HALO read on...

Shampoo is designed for your scalp only so pick your shampoo based on your scalp (not hair) needs.

  • Oily scalp Stimulate and strengthen
  • Dandruff Stimulate and strengthen
  • Growth Stimulate and strengthen
  • Flat roots Stimulate and strengthen
  • Dry or aging scalp Hydrated Halo
  • Normal scalp Hydrated Halo
  • Flyaway hair in root area without curls Hydrated halo
  • Curly hair Kinks, Curls and Coils
  • Volume Kinks, Curls and Coils


  • Over bleached or blonde Strengthen and Shine or Hydrated Halo
  • Short hair wanting body Strengthen and Shine
  • Grey hair wanting shine Strengthen and Shine
  • Grey coarse hair Hydrated Halo
  • Dry or brittle hair Hydrated Halo
  • Normal hair Hydrated Halo
  • Tangled/knotty hair Kinks, Curls and Coils
  • Curly hair Kinks Curls and Coils

Mixing up our ranges is highly recommended so you get a good balance of strength, hydration and moisture.


LOC Method (liquid, oil, cream) is a way of applying your haircare for maximum penetration of product. As a liquid is more readily absorbed than an oil or cream.

Green house method (GHM) is a great way of applying oils and conditioner for deeper absorption of product to the cortex. You apply your oil (as a pre-treat) and use a shower cap to create a warm environment for the cuticle to open slightly so the product can work deeper. This method is amazing for low porosity hair types. You can also use this method for conditioners to turn them in to a deeper treatment.

Pre-Treat Apply either Hydarted Hair Oil to scalp and/ or ends prior to cleansing you can either layer with Hydrated Halo Pre- Treat or pick the pre-Treat best suited to your hair needs.

Application of Shampoo Massaging your scalp and taking time to thoroughly cleanse the whole scalp means the active ingredients that are cleansing, hydrating, strengthening and moisturising have time to work. Make sure this step is done correctly and allow enough time to see the best results possible.

Application of Conditioner is extremely important in seeing maximum results. Towel dry hair with preferably cotton (an old cotton t shirt is best) without roughing up the cuticle. Apply throughout hair spending time to make sure you are smoothing the cuticle down with your hands- you will feel the difference once you get the slip feeling on your hair. Then make sure you leave on hair for at least 3 minutes before rinsing.

Applying Curl Products applying products to curly hair can be difficult as there are so many methods out there. What we always recommend is apply using our layering method. Start with Tangled Toner, Apply cream and style in to formed curls and then scrunch our gel over to form a soft cast. Leave to dry naturally or hover with a diffuser then scrunch out any remaining cast. You can Scrunch out the crunch with a little Hydarted Hair oil for added protection from the environment. 

To refresh curls on day two spritz with Tangled Toner and reapply gel. leave to dry naturally and then scrunch if needed when dry for a natural soft curl.

Wet Styling Applying products based on the nutrient value and molecule weight insures your hair can absorb the nutrients needed for healthy hair. Your hair may not not every step but always apply usinf this layering steps. Tangled Toner, Hydrated Heat Halo, Hydrated Hair Oil ( not many hair types need this step), Leave in Conditioner, Gel.

Dry Styling depends on the result you are after, Tangled Toner for refreshing natural curls or beach day hair, Hydrated Hair Oil for Shine, Curl me Gel for texture or reforming curls and waves.



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