Rescued By - Rejuvenate Hair and Scalp Dust

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Product Type : Styling & Treatments

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  • Ingredient highlights.
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  •  Directions
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  • Transform your hair with Rescued By - Rejuvenate Hair and Scalp Dust! Reinvent your routine and stretch out wash days, add volume, hold your style in place, remove build-up and stimulate healthy hair growth - all with one customized product. Experience dynamic results that take care of your hair and scalp needs. 

    Simply mix it up with any of our Halo products and apply at different stages in your routine for your desired effect.

    • Rejuvenate your style
    • Stretch out wash days
    • Ignite Hair growth
    • Add Volume
    • Remove build-up
    • Strengthen new growth
    • Provide strong hold to styled hair
    • Eliminate dandruff
    • Remove dry flaky patches
    • Calms irritation

    Is there anything it can't do? 

    You can now ditch your hair compromising dry shampoo, volume products, scalp exfoliators, deep cleansing shampoo, beach sprays and hair sprays with the first of it's kind hair and scalp dust that works on building hair health, not taking away from it. 

  • Ingredient highlights.
  • Kaolin Clay - balances oil production without stripping the skin barrier of essential oils, gently cleanses and calms sensitive scalps while smoothing damaged hair, increases circulation, strengthening new growth.

    Colloidal Oatmeal - prevents hair fall while improving growth, helps treat dandruff and soothes a dry, itchy or irritated scalp.

    Sucrose - is a humectant helping to attract and retain moisture in the hair and scalp and mechanically remove dry flaky patches from the scalp. 

    Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein -  improves smoothness and structure of hair. Counteracts irritating effects of cleansers on sensitive scalps. Rich in amnio acids providing the strengthening building blocks for new hair growth.

    Hydrolyzed Silk Protein - contains cysteine which reinforces the hair with keratin protein supporting weakened hair and helps to bind moisture to the hair and scalps skin barrier.

    Hydrolyzed Soy Protein - increases your hairs ability to bind moisture where it is needed, adding shine, smoothness and manageability to the hair and scalp.

    Menthol - helps to treat irritated scalps that are susceptible to dandruff. Ignites hair growth, supporting the anagen phase by stimulating your nutrient rich blood supply through its natural vasodilating properties. Strengthening and repairing dormant hair follicles.

    Allantoin - it's keratolytic action prevents moisture loss; conditioning and nourishing for a dry scalp. Softening the keratin which improves elasticity and flexibility.

    Alma Powder - combats itchiness, dandruff and promotes healthy hair growth, strengthening the new growth making it resistant to dryness.

    Blue Spirulina - has antimicrobial properties as well as zinc helping to rid the scalp of dandruff. Microalgae has hygroscopic molecules which deliver water from the surrounding environment to your hair and scalp.


  • Ethos

    • Cruelty Free
    • Silicone Free
    • Sulphate Free
    • Phthalates Free
    • Paraben Free
    • Plant Based
    • Cohesive pH to hair and scalp
    • Salon Quality
    • Made In New Zealand
    • Curl Friendly
    • Sugarcane bottles and labels.
    • 200mls


  •  Directions
  • Our Rejuvenate hair and scalp dust can be mixed multiple ways to achieve different results. Follow our directions and start incorporating in to your routine.

    Push out wash days -Mix an 1/8 tsp of dust with water dissolve completely and apply to areas with high oil content, leave to dry naturally, apply heated stylers or dry with hair dryer, then brush out for clean, fresh hair.

    Push out wash days and add lift in roots - Mix 1/8tsp with 1 pump of Styled By Gel and apply in evening to dry hair in the roots where oil content is high. Leave as is or apply heat free styler and leave overnight to add volume and refresh on those dirty hair days. brush out in the morning.

    Add volume - Mix a  pinch small of dust with Styled By Gel to wet hair in roots to provide ultimate body and hold prior to styling.

    Remove dry patches - Mix 1-1 with Hair and Scalp Oil, massage gently and thoroughly to remove dry, flaky patches from scalp prior to cleansing.

    Ignite Growth- Mix 1-2 with conditioner ( or reinforcement ), apply globally over scalp, massage, leave while warming sensation occurs to nourish and stimulate healthy hair growth, follow with your usual cleanse and care routine.

    Deep Cleanse your scalp -Mix 1-1 with Shampoo for an energising and deep scalp cleansing routine, helping to remove toxins, build-up and stimulate your blood flow. Use on dry scalp for a deeper cleanse, massage thoroughly, sprinkle with water, massage well, rinse and repeat with your usual cleanse routine.

    Strong hold finishing product - Mix with your chosen Styled By Product to make a strong hold finishing product. With gel on wet hair helps to create a stronger cast. With Heat Halo or Tangled Toner gives a Strong hold finishing product to your style. Use on wet hair for beach day hair or dry hair for hold.

    Curl cast - Mix 1/8 tsp with Kinks, Curls and Coils Styling cream to define, add hold and formation to your waves or curls. Apply on wet hair, comb through and style as per your usual routine.

    We recommend only using once per wash day for any of the above methods or doubled if used in styling routine. Then once between wash days to push out your wash day.

    Rejuvenate hair and scalp dust is 100% active ingredients with strong hold, start with a small amount and increase to suit your hair and scalp.

    Use only as directed, avoid contact with eyes and if contact occurs rinse immediately. A warming sensation will occur to increase blood flow to your scalp. Never use directly after rinsing of a colour service. Always wash hands after use.

    Store bottle in a cool dry place away from moisture. Use desiccant bag on outside to reduce moisture contamination ( provided with every order).

  • Ingredients
  • Sucrose, Kaolin Clay, Menthol, Colloidal Oatmeal, Hydrolysed Wheat Protein, Hydrolysed Silk Protein, Hydrolysed Soy Protein, Allantoin. Alma Powder, Blue Spirulina

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Hair & scalp dust

    I’m a huge dry shampoo fan as I like to draw out wash days. This is by far the best I’ve used. I mix dust with gel & rub into oily areas. By mixing the 2 together it isn’t gritty like other powder dry shampoos. I also combine with oil for a lovely invigorating scalp treatment. You only need a small amount so product will last a long time.

    Grippy and great for holding curls

    Absolutely love this as a styling product!


    Brilliant every which way you use it! The only product that actually works to help stretch out wash day in my fine, thin hair- plus you can feel how good it is for your scalp!

    Brilliant product

    Love, love, love the scalp recuse dust. I add it to my halo shampoo and it makes my hair so clean

    Love this dust

    Thanks Nicola for providing us with this innovative product. I love it. I have thin hair and have tried other dust products which make me feel like washing my hair continually. This dust mixed with gel gives my hair body and stretches out my hair wash days.