Kink, Curls and Coils ~ Ultra Care and Style Collection.

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  • About this pack
  • Routine
  • About this pack
  • If you've got them flaunt them at their best. It's what you've been looking for - Cult worthy curls that are defined, bouncy and oh healthy. It's a need, not a want!

    Kink, Curls and Coils ~ Care and style collection is the full-featured system specifically designed for curly hair.

    Pack contains 

    • Nourished By Hair and Scalp Oil (Rosemary Blend)
    • Your choice of Shampoo
    • Reinforcement
    • Styled By ~ Tangled Toner
    • Rejuvenate Dust
    • Kinks, curls and Coils Conditioner styling cream
    • Revitalise Serum

    Rrp $285. Now $245

  • Routine
  • Full treatment and styling routine recommendation

    On wash day massage oil thoroughly over scalp and hair lengths, leave on for at least 20 mins, but ideally up to 12 hours.

    Mix dust with shampoo 1-1 and massage scalp thoroughly for a full minute, sprinkle with water, massage again and rinse. Repeat shampoo routine.

    Apply Reinforcement for treatment days from roots to tips, comb and leave for 10 mins or until warming sensation subsides. A shower cap will help further penetrate the treatment throughout hair lengths.

    Or for condition days apply conditioner and leave for a minimum of 4 minutes

    On wet hair apply Tangled Toner to even out porosity to start your curl styling routine.

    Mix Rejuvenate Dust and curl cream together before apply to the full lengths of your hair.

    Style with Denman brush to ensure hair is evenly coated and curls form into their clumps.

    Diffuse dry or leave to dry naturally until 100% dry.

    Once dry scrunch out with serum.  

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Curly Hair

    Great products but with thick long curly hair I would love love to see larger bottles though this is not a problem thats unique to this brand I just wish for once quality curly hair products like these had larger sizes. I do however especially like the curls styling cream I will use this all summer after swimming ect. Also the tangled toner has been fabulous for my 4yr old son's hair, when it drys from his hair it doesn't go fluffy... Yay!

    Thank you so much for review, we are stoked you love your haircare and we are currently looking at upsizing a few products in the range so it's great to know that you'd be interested. Contact me incase we already have a favourite in stock.

    Just the best

    This was a restock of product and proper beginning of a decent curl routine. As always, these products are so impressive from the smell to the ease of application. All round a quality product.

    Meseret Olsen
    Kink, Curls and Coils Value collection pack

    Purchased this pack and I’m absolutely loving how my hair is feeling, even after just a couple of washes. Shampoo doesn’t ‘foam’ but it still cleans the hair really well, and the conditioner is lush, it’s wonderful stuff. And my hair seems to stays frizz free. And the silk pillowcase is heavenly. Hair is significantly smoother. Wish i had purchased silk pillowcase years ago. Highly recommend all these products.