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  • About this product
  • About this product
  • A chemical-free SPF 50 makeup setting spray that hydrates your skin while ensuring your makeup stays in place.

    Sets makeup and provides broad-spectrum sun defense without feeling sticky.

    5 Reasons to choose ours:

    1. Chemical-Free: Safe for sensitive skin, without harsh additives.
    2. Hydration: Ingredients like hyaluronic acid and squalane offer deep moisture.
    3. SPF 50: High-level sun defense against UVA and UVB rays.
    4. Non-Sticky: Leaves a fresh, lightweight finish.
    5. Skin Benefits: Niacinamide, aloe vera, and zinc oxide nourish and protect the skin.

    4 Problems It Overcomes:

    1. Prevents sunburn with SPF 50 protection.
    2. Enhances makeup longevity.
    3. Hydrates the skin throughout the day.
    4. Doesn't white case.

    This reef-safe sun protector and makeup fixer is infused with skin-loving elements. Niacinamide, a key ingredient, supports skin health, paired with hydrating heroes like hyaluronic acid and squalane, ensuring your complexion remains radiant. Aloe vera offers a calming effect, while zinc oxide provides a mineral shield against the sun's rays.

    Ideal for eco-conscious individuals, our broad-spectrum formula is vegan and avoids the white cast often left by sunscreens. Glycerin and Vitamin E enhance moisture and provide antioxidant protection, making this spray a must-have in your clean beauty routine. With its non-sticky, lightweight feel, it's perfect for those seeking long-lasting makeup with added environmental defense.

    Crafted to suit all skin types, this eco-friendly sunscreen and setting spray enhances makeup endurance, offers hydration, and ensures your skin is shielded from potential damage. Embrace the sunshine confidently with our mineral sunscreen setting spray, your partner in achieving a fresh, protected, and radiant look every day.

    Key ingredients

    • Glycerin
    • Vitamin E
    • Niacinamide
    • Zinc Oxide
    • Hyaluronic Acid
    • Squalane

    Customer Reviews

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    Gemma Porter

    Felt absolutely what my hair needed. Also i had a spillage with 2 of my products through post and Our lady replaced them. Product is exceptional and service is un real. I have used the Halo hydration 2 times and im sold