Quick Fixes for Brassy Blondes and Stained Silvers.

Quick Fixes for Brassy Blondes and Stained Silvers.

Blonde going brassy? Silver stained yellow?


Does your blonde or silver look brassy even though you use professional product? or maybe you don’t even colour your hair and your natural hair hue always has a faint dirty tone. Well, your product could be to blame.


Blondes, silvers, greys and light-coloured naturals listen up and learn, here are some quick fixes to restore your natural tone or keep your expensive highlights looking pristine for longer.


Before you reach for that new styling product or conditioner check out its colour? Is it transparent or white? Yes? Then carry on, you're probably in safe hands. But if it has any sparkle or shimmer promising glow or even the slightest tone of colour whether, pink, gold, yellow or even cream then beware those colorants that manufacturers put in to look appeasing to the eye could unnecessarily be staining your strands.


My advice is always check for colours in your haircare, only use those that are transparent or white, or you can add a few of our Toning Drops to counteract the yellow or gold shimmer. Because unless a product is high in natural oils or toning those strands (think blue or purple which are safe to use) then those colorants are pointless and aren’t doing anything for your hair.


This is why all of our Halo treatments, conditioners and styling products are transparent or white.


Environmental stresses from pollution and hard water can also play a big part in dulling or changing your colour that’s where our Hydrated Halo Pre-Treat comes in to play to protect your strands from mineral deposits. Installing a flittered shower head is always a great idea too.


Chlorine is another unwanted colour changing attribute and is easy to fix with our Hydrated Halo Pre-Treat. Simply apply 20 mins before exposure (just like sunscreen) and you can protect the unwanted green from appearing.


Halo was developed using only necessary hair essential ingredients. We didn’t think it was worth a bit of sparkle to dull down your hair. That’s why we are free from colourants except for our unique Toning Drops which yay for you are soluble in any of our Halo Products and help restore your colour or keep it fresh for longer.

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