Dive hair first to banish the green hue of swimmers hair.

Dive hair first to banish the green hue of swimmers hair.

Banish the green hue! Dive deep into our blog to understand the copper-protein connection and unveil the power of C-No Green.

Have you ever wondered why your hair sometimes takes on an undesirable green tint, especially after swimming? The answer lies in a fascinating chemical reaction between copper ions and the proteins in your hair. At Halo Haircare, we understand the science behind this phenomenon and have curated a lineup of exceptional products to address and prevent this issue. Let's delve into the chemistry and explore the benefits of our recommended products: C-No Green, Hydrated Halo Pre-treat, and Tangled Toner.

Understanding the Culprit: Copper Ions and Hair Proteins

Hair is predominantly made up of a protein called keratin, which has a unique structure susceptible to chemical interactions. When exposed to copper ions commonly found in water, particularly swimming pool water or certain hair products, a chemical reaction occurs. Copper ions bind to the proteins in the hair, resulting in a complex that can manifest as a greenish tint. This reaction is often exacerbated in individuals with lighter hair shades, making it a common concern for many.

The Halo Haircare Solution: C-No Green

Enter C-No Green, our revolutionary solution designed to combat and reverse the effects of copper-induced damage. This powder is enriched with vitamin c that works to neutralize copper ions and restore your hair to its natural brilliance. By penetrating deep into the hair shaft, C-No Green breaks down the unwanted green pigments, offering a deep restoration that goes beyond surface-level treatment.

Hydration is Key: Hydrated Halo Pre-treat

Prevention is just as crucial as restoration. Our Hydrated Halo Pre-treat is your first line of defense against copper damage. Packed with moisture-locking ingredients, this pre-treatment creates a protective barrier on your hair, minimizing the absorption of copper ions. By keeping your hair hydrated and fortified, you can significantly reduce the risk of green discoloration.

Balancing Act: Tangled Toner

To maintain your hair's optimal color and vibrancy, Tangled Toner plays a pivotal role. This toner is meticulously crafted to mimic the natural composition of your hair. With its unique formula, Tangled Toner helps hydrate and strengthen while it's low pH contracts the cuticle leaving your hair looking refreshed and revitalized.


Where beauty meets science

At Halo Haircare, we believe in the power of understanding the science behind hair issues to provide effective solutions. With our range of products – C-No Green, Hydrated Halo Pre-treat, and Tangled Toner – you can confidently embrace vibrant, healthy hair. Say goodbye to green discoloration and hello to your revitalised hair colour.

Visit our website at www.halohaircare.co.nz to explore the full range.

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