Heat-less Curler - Fishbone Styler

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Product Type : Hair Styling Tool Accessories

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  • About this product
  • About this product
  • Heat-free styling has a new sleeping accessory to make your curls and waves pop.

    Coil your locks around our fishbone curler for ultimate hair curl and bounce.

    Our fishbone curlers have the option of with or without a silk turban to keep your hair perfectly put together all night. ( not needed, but highly recommended for skin and and hair health and all shorter styles or layered hair) Please out note in checkout on colour turban you prefer or colour will be selected at random.


    How to use on freshly washed hair -

    • On dry hair apply Styled By- Gel, Tangled Toner Or Heat Halo and starting at the top coil each section of hair around the fishbone curler, grabbing a new section every twist.
    • Coil until last section is coiled around curler, fold over end and secure with scrunchie.
    • For extra security for sleeping in our curlers they easily fit under out silk hair turbans to help with hold and frizz.

     Braided Weave -

    • Hold Curler straight down the middle of your hair, leave about 10cms in front of your hair line so you can lock in place after starting your weave.
    • Take a small section from one side and coil around styler bring it back to the original side you started on. Repeat on opposite side.
    • Flip the end of roller back from hair line and then continue weaving picking up more hair with every coil, like you are braiding the hair.
    • Now your styler is locked in place continue to the nape of the neck until all hair is wrapped around the rod.
    • Flip styler end over the last weave and secure with scrunchie
    • Place turban over top for a secure hold.
    • Sleep and wake up the beachy waves.

    For nighty use -

    • Use every night to keep your curls popping
    • Use on dry hair - no need to reapply product
    • Wear under turban for ultimate comfort and security while you sleep 


    How to dress out -

    • For beach curls simply shake out with fingers and scrunch in Gel or Oil
    • For vintage waves brushout with our Boar Bristle brush and apply Oil

     If you need more help with your styler follow us over on Instagram for lots of tricks to help you get flawless results every time.

    Available in Black or Champagne in 6A Grade 22 Momme OTEX 100 Standard.

    Comes with a wired silk roller to bend around head for comfort and 2 scrunchies to secure in a black tote to keep it stored when not in use or travelling.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Dee Charles
    Fishbone styler

    I love it!! Easy to sleep with on and gives lovely bouncy volumising curls.

    Every night!

    I have used the fish bone styler every night since I received it. I have shoulder length fine hair with soft layers. With over 30 years of coloring my hair I’m transitioning to my natural & allowing greys to come through. Ditching the heat styling is resulting in healthier hair. I’m super unco when it comes to hair styling & the fishbone is so easy to use. If I can do it anyone can! Waves & body that lasts. Comfortable to sleep in with silk turban.

    Leigh Edlinger
    Works pretty well

    Have tried the fish one styler a few times and found that it works pretty well. The metal inner makes it easy to handle and the silk outer reduces frizz. Definitely wouldn't sleep on it though

    Sue Jenkins
    No good for me

    Purchased this but my hair is too fine & thin for this. Wasted over $100.

    Hi Sue. I'm glad we could help sort your heat-free styling order out for you. We love that everyone that visits our store can feel 100% satisfied with their purchase.

    A must have

    This is seriously a must have for any Mum or busy lady. Wake up in the morning with your hair done. My hair is super thick and they work perfectly for my hair.