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Product Type : Hair Turbans

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  • About this Turban
  • About our silk
  • About this Turban
  • Our 100% Mulberry Silk Hair Turbans are designed to eliminate frizz, breakage and split ends. Sleeping with our Silk turbans will allow you to wake up to good hair days everyday.

    The friction caused between your delicate strands and rough bedding at night can cause unnecessary damage and can have your wake up looking not so perfectly put together.

    Our silk turbans are ultra comfortable and luxurious. When worn nightly we can guarantee your hair health will benefit.

    Are you sick of lying on your long hair at night and pulling it when you roll over? well our turbans are the answer. No tension from tying your hair up at night you can safety tuck it away and sweet dreams, healthy hair.

    Do you wake up feeling your blow wave needs refreshed because your hair is sticking up on end? Simply pop it on at night and wake up with extra minutes to your morning thanks to a style that stayed in place.

    Curly Hair this is your essential. Wake up with frizz free, well formed curls.

    Why buy a turban over a pillowcase? It's definitely not question of one over the other. A pillowcase is beneficial for your skin and hair. A turban provides less movement when tossing and turning  which helps keep your style in-place and causing less damage to your cuticle. Its stops the dirt, product build up and oil from your hair being transferred to your skin while you sleep. Meaning an extra night out of your pillowcase and less congested acne.

    Silk Turbans are also a good alternative when holidaying. Because if your anything like me I can't go anywhere without my silk pillowcase, so this provides a easy alternative for a nights getaway and keeps your holiday hair days glorious.

  • About our silk
  • Our Turbans are made from the highest quality 6A grade 22 Momme silk and come in Charcoal, Black, Rose Gold, Gold, Navy, Champagne and Mulberry  OEKO-TEX®



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Great Product!

    After some time & tips from Nicola I have figured out the best way to wear this turban so it stays on. I use it after washing/styling & at night to reduce frizz/breakage.
    I highly recommend it :-)


    Love this hair turban, I wake up with soft frizz free hair 🤩

    Kathryn G.

    Very comfortable to wear and makes my hair less frizzy. Also great to wear while cleaning and moisturizing your face.


    It is pretty but it is designed for someone with thin hair. It does not work on my head of hair and just comes off. I definitely can’t sleep with it on which is why I bought it.

    Hi Sarah. Please contact me regarding your purchase. We want to make sure that everyone is completely satisfied with their purchase, we are happy to refund or replace item for you.


    This is a game changer! I used to have to plait my hair before bed and I would have to adjust my hair as I rolled over during the night. With this turban, I pile my hair up inside it, and sleep with no issues. My hair growth has improved and my hair is silkier.