Why HALO is a pH cohesive brand.

Why HALO is a pH cohesive brand.

Let’s start by taking about what pH means.

pH stands for “power of hydrogen” or “hydrogen potential”. It is the scale used to define how acid or alkaline a solution is. The pH scale runs from 0 to 14, with 0 – 6 being the acidic side, 7 being neutral and 8-14 being alkaline. Apple cider vinegar is more acidic and generally has a pH of around 2-3. Water generally is a pH of 7. Powder lighteners or bleach are a lot more alkaline and can be more towards the 11 – 14 end of the pH scale.



The importance of a pH cohesive shampoo with our scalp.

Your scalps pH naturally sits at 4.5-5.5. The scalps natural acidity prevents fungi and bacteria growing. But when you use an alkaline shampoo, colour your hair or even wet your hair with water it disturbs that healthy skin barriers pH and can cause damage to your scalp which is an attributor factor to dandruff, flaky, dry patches and stunted growth. It can cause suffocation of the hair follicles which is caused by moisture loss from the scalp, all because the skin barriers pH was continually compromised. When you use a shampoo with a cohesive pH your skin barrier is protected, you scalp is not striped from essential nutrients that provide healthy hair growth which leads to healthy hair.

 The scalp and hair have a proficient mechanism to protect itself, this is based on lipids (a natural occurring fatty acids), lipids function at their best at low pH and we have already established a low pH is vital for a healthy scalp. At low pH, the hair follicles are well nourished so that the hair is stronger and shinier. So, you can now see the importance of having a complete hair care system that is cohesive with your scalps natural pH. We can protect and repair all because we are using a balanced program.

Chemicals directly impact scalp cell health. Scalp cells can become damaged due to damage to the acid mantle, which is caused by high alkaline chemicals. A pH cohesive shampoo will help to heal the acid mantle and start to reverse the damage but this will take time and if left can cause stunted growth and brittle hair.



The importance of a pH cohesive haircare for you hair.

You may think that the pH of the hair is one and the same to the scalp but in fact your hair length is naturally more acidic in order for it to look its best the pH of your conditioner and styling range is extremely important.

Now bear with me as we get a little scientific... the pH of which a protein/ particle has an equivalent number of total negative and positive is called the isoionic point and an isoionic point sits around 3.67 pH and the pH at which a protein/particle which does not migrate in an electric field is the isoelectric point which is around 5.6.

So, depending on the condition of your hair and what you’ve previously done to alter that perfect ‘money spot’ pH. Haircare gets even more important, because as soon as you put a product with a low pH that sits around that isoionic point it contracts the cuticle and stops the static electricity happening which causes frizz, flyways and tangles. So, now you can see if you apply a product higher than the isoelectric you will create frizz, flyways and damage your hair while you are at it. An open cuticle causes damage, colour loss, dry brittle ends, brassiness and dull hair that lacks shine.

Also remember that a contracted cuticle has the ability to retain moisture and sebum. An open cuticle allows that moisture and sebum to evaporate; just another reason why its super important part to HALO’s haircare formulating.


This is why the science behind HALO Haircare matters! Even though we are a natural brand our formulating is completely backed by scientific evidence and studies.

Quick summary on the importance of a pH cohesive hair brand….

Protects your hair from bacteria and fungus.

Protects and repairs your acid mantle.

Contracts and flattens the cuticle.

Protects the elasticity of the hair and protects hair from further damage.

Protects hair from colour damage and repairs after colour service.


Every single product in our range is formulated for your scalp and hair health and once you start a pH cohesive brand, I can promise you, you will love the results so much you'll forever be a part of our HALO Haircare Society brand.



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