100% Boar Bristle and Nylon Blend Brush ~ Stimulate Growth, Smooth Hair and add Shine.

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  • Brush Features
  • Brush Benefits
  • How to use 
  • Care instructions
  • Important
  • Brush Features
  • This expertly crafted 100% Boar Bristle and Nylon Blend Brush is the ultimate tool in the pursuit of beautiful hair. Boar Bristles stimulate hair growth and natural oils to give hair a naturally smooth and shiny finish, while the high-quality nylon bristles create tension for an effortless styling experience. Hailed by hair professionals around the globe, this brush offers a peerless combination of style and quality to make your hair look naturally flawless.

    Find out why we recommend using our Boar Bristle Brush in your hair routine. 

    • Boar Bristle is extremely gentle on the hair as it's so close to our own hair structure that it glides through the hair without putting unnecessary damage on your cuticle.
    • Boar Bristle conditions your hair strands by distributing your natural oils through your hair evenly. The oils from your sebaceous glands are your natural hair conditioning agents. So if you tend to have overactive sebaceous glands try brushing these through your hair which adds shine, condition and protection to your cuticle. So, instead of reaching for the shampoo and unnecessarily stripping those oils out, give them a brush through and watch how fast your hair transforms.
    • A Boar Bristle also is amazing at being a magnet for dirt and product build up that are sitting on your scalp and hair. After each use take a look at your bristles and that will be enough proof that you can ditch the dry shampoo and reap the rewards of healthy, bouncy, shiny, smooth, clean hair. But note it's important to regularly clean your brush to avoid that dirt, product and oil building up on those bristle strands.
    • Boar bristle with a nylon mix also stimulates the blood flow under your scalp which feeds the hair those beautiful hair growing nutrients that it needs to be at it's healthiest.
    • Do you lack volume? Well Boar Bristle helps with that too. Simply flip your hair upside down and brush your hair thoroughly in all directions. Boom volume in no time!
    • Boar Bristle are also not only safe for your extensions but they help keep them smooth by running your naturally oils through them which helps protect them from damage.
    • Boar Bristle remove knots without breaking or damaging fragile hair.
    • Boar Bristle is your go to finishing tool. Add body, smoothness, dress or brush out your curls for a bouncy finish.
  • Brush Benefits

    • Stimulates Growth
    • Adds Shine
    • Smooths the hair
    • Adds volume
    • Removes dirt, build up and excess oil
    • Conditions hair strands
    • Safe for extensions
    • Dress out freshly styled hair
  • How to use 
  • How to safety use your Boar Bristle Brush.


    • Start by removing tangles gently from ends of your hair up to the roots on dry hair.
    • Once your hair is tangle free start at the scalp and brush from roots to ends. This ensures you stimulate the scalp, remove build up from your follicles and helps to evenly distribute oils through the full length of the hair.
    • Once you have Stimulated scalp and brushed oils through, flip your head up side down and brush from root to tips again. Once you've finished you'll look a bit wild but simply smooth back down and you'll have smooth, shiny voluminous hair.
  • Care instructions
  • How to clean and care for your Boar Bristle Brush.

    Cleaning your Brush is recommended to not only extend the life out of your brush but also to reap all the hair benefits too. Because a Boar Bristle brush is designed to remove dirt and oil the last thing you want is build up on those bristle which means you are actually brushing these back through your hair.


    • After each use remove any hair that has fallen out while brushing ( note regular brushing will not cause hair to fall out more, its just removing the hair that would of fallen out and clogged your drain or leave stray hairs on your clothes)
    • You can also use a comb to remove any extra dirt or stray hairs.
    • Then once a week use an old toothbrush with a small amount of Halo Shampoo ( never use sulphates or high pH cleansers to clean your brush) then clean pad and bristles and leave to dry.
    • Never immerse your wooden handle in water as this could damage your brush.
    • If you need a deeper clean you can soak you bristles in a small amount of water with shampoo for 10 minutes and pat dry.
  • Important
  • Remember to only use your Boar Bristle on dry hair only. 

    All boar Bristle Brushes come with an organic tote to keep your brush in the best condition possible and dust free when not in use.

    Wood is 100% beechwood, Black rubber pad, Bristles are a mix of Boar Bristle for smoothness and Nylon for stimulating the scalp and removing knots.

    Our Boar Bristle Brushes are of the highest quality and have been hand carved to fit your hand perfectly, they then have varnish applied to keep wood in the best condition possible.  

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 32 reviews
    R Smith
    Love this!

    Full scalp massaging brush that doesn't rip my hair, glides smoothly and leaves my hair soft and shiny.

    Janelle Sara
    Best Brush!!

    This feels soooo nice on your scalp and great at evenly distributing product through the hair. Love it!!

    Milla Dickens
    Love this brush

    I am so glad I finally bought a decent hair brush. It's gentle on my hair and also makes brushing my son's hair much easier. It is beautifully made and I expect to be using it for many years to come. Although it is much more than I previously would have spent on a hair brush, I think this hair brush is a real bargain at this price when compared to big brands who also do boar bristle and nylon, such as Mason Pearson. I'm sold!

    Boar and nylon brush

    This is a fabulous brush, feels really stimulating on the scalp but not painful - just right 🌟


    Great gentle soft brush on my hair- even better for my daughter who normally hates me doing her hair.
    love it 😀