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  • About these scrunchies
  • Colours
  • About our silk
  • About these scrunchies
  • The silk hair accessory for anyone with a wrist.

    Hair ties are another essential accessory for those of us with long hair, but unfortunately as cute as some are, they cause friction and tension on the hair resulting in breakage.

    A silk scrunchie not only feels irresistible and takes your pony to one of glamour, the soft, material is gentler on your delicate strands and doesn’t leave any kinks where your hairstyle has been due to its material being so similar to our own hair, that's due the molecular structure of the silk itself. The silks natural protein, unlike cotton, does not draw moisture away from the hair, resulting in flawlessly finished hair.

    Removing your silk hair ties is also another pleasant experience as it glides from your hair effortlessly without any pull or broken hair caught around the tie. I love this as you can effortlessly go out with your hair up and then pull it out knowing your hair will still look gorgeous and then you also have a cute wrist accessory to go about your day.

    Silk ties are also great for anyone that use the pineapple method for their curls at night as it won't cause friction and tension meaning your curls will stay formed in the mornings light.

  • Colours
  • Available in grey, rose gold, lotus pink, champagne, charcoal, white, burgundy, Lilac and black and size mini, small or standard. 

    Sets are all three size scrunchies in a discounted pack.

    All Scrunchie sets come in a beautiful drawstring bag to keep them free of dust or to safety wash them in.

  • About our silk
  • These are all made from 100% Mulberry 22 momme 6A grade silk.  OEKO-TEX®



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews

    My hair is always getting caught on regular hair ties and ends up with quite the kink. This hair tie is a lifesaver! Hair never gets caught and I barely get any kink. Plus it feels soft and looks great on my wrist. Will be getting another one!

    Lisa McClellan

    Very happy

    Shell H
    Game Changer!

    These are incredible! I have super long hair and got tired of tangles and breakage from other scrunchies, I bought the silk to try and absolutely love them! I can wear my hair up in a top knot, remove the scunchie (without all my hair attached) brush and leave. So gentle and totally worth purchasing if you haven’t already!

    Hair Scrunchies

    After reading a Halo post on hair ties and the damage caused by hair breakage and always tying hair up I decided to invest in a silk scrunchie.
    The first thing I noticed was no tangled up broken strands of hair. Damage free tie up for the win!!!!!

    Kelly Callander
    Very nice

    Great scrunchie, love how gentle it is on my hair. I will be ordering more soon. Thank you